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The audience is for people who must edit PDF files to render them 508 compliant. That can be a 508 specialist, but more likely it is secretarial, editors, short term analysts, and website content providers. Often in government agencies the managers also can get stuck doing it due to staff limitations. My goal in training all these groups is to make it as painless as possible to provide compliance. Since generating PDF files on the fly is common, I do briefly cover that.

The Real Summary:

Most PDF books are not for this audience and those books only have a chapter on accessibility. Other 508 books cover many other areas and again leave only a chapter if that for PDF. Other PDF guidance is not comprehensive which means the person gets stuck with a situation not covered. Many private companies doing this work on contract have deadlines and they need realistic answers, and fast.

The book is unique as it a working guide to fixing PDF files for accessibility without dwelling on the technical mechanics not relevant to the specific fixes. Similar to a gas engine, you do not need to know the all physics of spark plugs to change one, but you do need to know how to recognize carbon build up and basic non-function or disintegration (and maybe run a few tests). That is what we have here, just what you need to know where the PDF will not work for the disabled. Other publications (and I have read almost all) dwell too much on the technical structure of PDF files and add other informational text not actually needed. I can tell you from experience that all that technical background is lost on the dozens of secretaries and editors that actually end up working on the production of PDF files. From years of training people to correct PDF files for accessibility, I do know what works. And that is just enough information so they understand what is going on and how to make the file work better for everybody (the disabled group is much larger today).

Another aspect is the hammering over the head of people Section 508 and WCAG 2.0, the details of which will cause most eyes to blur in a few minutes if not delivered carefully. Here again I only mention what is really needed to comprehend the task at hand. I have plenty of reference if anyone wants to learn more (being my field, I do encourage that). I also give options, there are degrees of compliance (Using WCAG 2.0 level AAA method which is defined as going above and beyond efforts). The goal is to get equal information, there are many ways to get there and if you need to manage resource and time, then I advise the basics that will get you by - to get the disabled equal information. Today, equal information is only one step, ease of use in access - is another (covered in the book).